CompetenceProcessProduct design

Product development

  • New product and module development
    • Devices, tools, mechanical assemblies
  • New functional components development
    • Plastic parts, castings, forgings, machined parts, sheet metal
  • Industrial and mechanical design
  • Robots, drives, transmissions, actuators

Competence and experiences

  • Mechatronics, robotics, machines
  • Automotive industry, automation and control
  • Modules and equipment for production and assembly
  • Fixtures, cubings and tools
  • Quality control, metrology, equipment for laboratories
  • Plastic parts production, tool shops and moulding shops
  • Fine mechanics and optics
  • Pneumatics and hydraulics

Product design

Gerbox for tilting

Functional analysis of a mechanical concept

Product design, robot for minisumo

Extendable shifting rod