Jigs and Fixtures engineering

Workholding devices are being used in industry on daily basis. Fixtures enable efficient work and ensure repeatability in production processes. Even simple CMM fixture saves hours in the inspection processes. Common application examples:

  • orienting and fixing parts in manufacturing processes
  • measurements, CMM measurements and inspection
  • to conduct assembling, welding and glueing
  • to conduct surface treatments and finishings
  • fixtures for assembly lines in automation
  • automatic testers for lifetime testing

Fixture design

Creinos engineering is fast and applies DFM, DFT, poka-yoke and human factors during the fixture design. We prepare digital concepts for validation.

Fixture manufacturing and qualification

Creinos provides manufacturing, assebmly of the fixtures. The fixture qualifications are being done with statistical approach by R&R studies of measurement outputs.

Fixture for rotary screen printing

Sheet metal bending jig for big radii

CMM measurement fixture

Testing device