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Prototype making

As an engineering service we make prototypes for your development projects. Assmebling and testing is mostly being done in house. For manufacturing various components we take advatage of a network of capable manufacturers with wide range of technological possibilities.

  • rapid prototyping, 3D printed parts, castings from silicone tools
  • CNC machining, EDM (wire cutting and spark eroding)
  • gears, worm gears
  • bending, forgings, castings
  • sheet metal parts
  • laser welding and another welding
  • heat treatment of parts
  • injection and machining of plastics, vacuum forming
  • composite parts
  • surface treatment (painting, anodising, zinc plating etc.)

Prototype, painted enclosure

Prototype, housing of a worm gearbox


Worm gear

Prototype example, enclosure for electronical module

Prototype, drive wheel